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Ouachita Waves

Ouachita Waves

Nov. 23, 2011

There was a hazy layer of fog down in the valley below us when my dog Junie and I arrived at the overlook on Buckeye Mountain about a half hour before sunrise. The eastern horizon was lined with the gold and orange light of pre-dawn, and the landscape was quiet and serene with a gentle breeze blowing. Far to the north and east a fog bank mingled with mountain peaks, and I thought for a moment that maybe over there would have been a better place to be.

A little later just as the sun was about to top the row of mountains and fog to the east, the breeze picked up and a great mass of gauzy fog filled the valley and briefly blocked all view of the landscape. That turned out to be just the opening incursion, though. As if on signal, when the sun rose all perdition seemed to break loose, with the wind picking up and huge banks of of fog rolling over the ridges to the north like waves and washing across the valleys and the mountain peaks around us and occasionally enveloping the peak we were on as well.