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Spider, spider web, and morning dew in pine woods in the Ozark National Forest

Spider Web and Mountain Dew

Aug. 3, 2014

On the way back from shooting the sunrise yesterday morning, I stopped in a foggy pine wood along Highway 123 and while there decided to shoot some spider webs being lit up by the sun just topping the hill I was on, but I hadn't brought a macro lens and had to make do with a regular lens.

So of course I wasn't altogether happy with the results, and when the next morning turned out to be another foggy, humid morning with heavy dew, I packed up the macro lens and set off to give that hillside full of spider webs another try.

After spending a couple of hours getting soaked with sweat doing nothing more strenuous than stooping over the camera or lying on the ground shooting a number of delicate webs, I was walking back to the car to head on home with the sense that I hadn't really got the shot that I wanted yet, when another web caught my eye and I set up to give it one more shot. And I came up with an approach to shooting these webs that seemed to work pretty well. Most of the webs I was shooting were bowl shaped, and it finally occurred to me that I ought to try setting up directly over the web and shooting straight down into the bottom of the bowl, and that's when things started clicking.