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Bear Hollow Sunrise

Bear Hollow Sunrise

Sept. 30, 2018

The plan was to go to the Paris Reservoir, that's the Paris, Arkansas, Reservoir, and stand in the water behind the lily pads and take pictures of the sunrise. I was hoping for maybe a little fog, too, to catch a little sunrise color and notch up the wow factor from merely superlative to excessive, but there was too much of a good thing, and the lake was completely blanketed in fog.

This was not entirely unexpected, and my plan B was a few miles up 309 on the approaches to Mount Magazine. Cove Lake was free of fog and looked mildly promising, but not promising enough, and I decided to continue up 309 and check out a couple of overlooks on top of the mountain. At the first one, the trees had grown tall enough to obscure much of the view, and at the Petit Jean River valley overlook the view was a hazy mess.

So as you can see I ended up just in time heading over to the Benefield Picnic area to hustle down the trail to a couple of bluffy outcrops with views up and down Bear Hollow and parts east toward the sunrise.