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Waterfall by Moonlight

Waterfall by Moonlight

May 16, 2011

It was just about my bedtime when my dog Junie and I jumped in the car and headed off to Natural Dam to shoot the waterfall by the light of the silvery moon, which was just rising over the treetops a little over an hour later as we pulled up near the falls and parked.

Even low in the sky the almost full moon was bright, and we cast long moonshadows across the creek as I surveyed the scene and tried to decide how to approach photographing the falls. It was quite a cold night, especially for mid-May, and as I concluded that this would be a wet shoot with wading required, I sadly noted how dry my feet were and how warm they felt.

So for the next several hours I took a number of long exposures of the waterfall from different vantage points. At one point Junie courageously warded off a cat who happened by, startling the devil out of me when she suddenly started growling and barking, and then for the last hour of our stay, apparently having explored the area to her satisfaction and having had enough of the treats I keep on hand on these occasions, she curled up on a rock and went to sleep.

Which finally seemed like a good idea to me as well -- the sleep part, anyway, and not the rock part -- and especially as the next day was a work day, we took our leave of beautiful downtown Natural Dam and made our way home.