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My Dog Junie on the bedrock shore of Beaver Lake

Junie Retires

Oct. 29, 2012

My dog Junie has been my photo hiking dog for almost 11 years now, day and night, in rain and snow, heat and cold, up hill and down, on trails and for long hours on the road, her joy compounding my own and her enthusiasm always a boost to my spirits. This may not be the last photo I ever take of her, but it is probably the last I take on a photo outing. She is alive and in most ways well, and I hope she and I have many fine walks together in our future. But over the last year she has developed some health problems that make riding in a car an ordeal for her, so much so that I can't see how I can continue to take her with me on photo outings, which almost without exception involve at least several hours of driving.

So, Junie, it's been a hell of a ride, and I can't even imagine how you could have been a better dog all these years.