For almost two decades it has been my pleasure to photograph nature in Arkansas and the Ozarks and to capture Ozark light with a camera, seeking out the best of the well-known and iconic as well as the unknown and secret places where nature shines beauty to those who would look for it. And in all that time it has always been my goal not only to find and see the natural wonders of our Natural State, but also to record them and bring them back to the world to share what I have seen.

For many years the co-author of most of these photographs and my eager and faithful companion on these gallivants in the woods of Arkansas was my dog Junie Moon (http:/​/​ozarklight.​com/​waterfalls/​e60e80174) without whom many of the photographs here might never have been, because her spirit and enthusiasm drew me on when otherwise my own spirit might have flagged.

The images on these pages are a part of those years of photographic effort, and as ever, it is my pleasure to share them, and my hope that you will experience some of the excitement viewing them that I experienced recording them.

After living in Fayetteville and Springdale, Arkansas, for decades, in the spring of 2013 I moved with my dogs to a lovely rural property in the southern foothills of the Ozarks to be closer to the natural areas that I love to photograph. This is center of operations for Ozark Light now and the stomping grounds for me and my rowdy gang of canines, and this is the place where I hope to live until they have to carry me away.

Randy Wilson
somewhere north of Clarksville, Arkansas
June, 2014